Dirty John : the differences between the series and the true story

Landed on Netflix the day of Saint Valentine’s day, the series Dirty John intrigue and engages. What are the main differences with the true story in which it is found ? Attention, it is better to have seen Dirty John before you read this article that reveals some of the intrigue. October 2014. Debra Newell made the acquaintance of John Meehan, a man well in all respects : the anaesthetist returned from Iraq where he has served as a volunteer for doctors without borders. It is love at first sight : the couple married less than two months later. But when the daughters of Debra begin to investigate the new partner of their mother, they discover his troubled past. John Meehan, his classmates called him Dirty John because he was still involved in bad things, is a heroin addict, stalker and ex-taulard, which also has a history of violence. This is the true story told by the series of Bravo, now visible in France on the streaming platform Netflix. At the origin of this tv production, a series of articles appeared in the Los Angeles Times written by Christopher Goffard. It is always under his impulse that will be launched for the newspaper, a podcast that focuses on various criminal cases. The history of Debra Newell will account for 30 million listens (and even reaches 40 million when Bravo announces series project). The showrunneuse Alexandra Cunningham wished to remain as faithful as possible following the structure of the podcast while taking a few liberties : Some names have been changed Although they have participated in the podcast Dirty John has been adapted, one of the daughters, Debra (played by Juno Temple) and his nephew did not wish to be involved in the series. After discussions with the studio, these two protagonists are, therefore, requested to ensure that their character changes only name : Jaqueline has become Veronica and Shad Vickers (played by Kevin Zegers) is named Toby. It should be noted that Newell actually has four children. DR. The true face of John Meehan marriage If in the series, Debra and John seem to get married on a whim after only two months of relationship, this has not really held as well. As the businesswoman has explained in various interviews, it was John who would have insisted several times, so that the two jump. Upon their second visit. Debra will finally during a business trip to Las Vegas, where he will be joined. The addiction of John In the series, the heroine planted by Connie Britton discovers little by little the true face of the one she comes to marry. When she learns that her husband is a heroin addict, Debra decides to help him by paying him to rehab. A part that the screenwriters have invented the whole piece to give more depth to the story and explain why Debra was finally forgiven in real life. In his interview given to Forbes , it was revealed that she did not know that her ex-husband was addicted to heroin… : “I had seen some orders but such as he had just had surgery, I told myself that it was bound”. But that is broken at Debra and John ? So that the viewer does not become frustrated, the writers have chosen to respond to some questions left unanswered in the podcast. And the first relates to the identity of the person who broke into the home of Debra and John in Newport Beach. If the police never gave his identity, the series assumes that it is a knowledge of John who he would have asked them to scare his wife so that he can install surveillance cameras at home : “We had to fill the holes and then we came to this theory because we know how John loves working with people,” explained Cunningham to Forbes . The point of view of John either in his articles or his podcast, Chris Goffard has made a point of honor to tell the story from the point of view of Debra, in order not to create empathy for John. But the series is entitles : the showrunneuse is thus based on the testimony of his ex-wife, his sister and her two daughters to draw the portrait of this psychopath manipulator. She has also been able to count on the help of the journalist, the co-screenwriter on Dirty John. As of episode 3 the spectator is invited in the past and then in the head of John. Thus, one discovers his marriage chaotic with Toni, his lies and her descent into drugs. The series shows us, also at the hospital while the investigation of Goffard does not determine whether Meehan has really exercised. The rest of the series follows meticulously the story narrated by Debra Newell and his family and friends. The scene in which Terra (Julia Garner) is attacked by John has been recreated in the smallest details, thanks to the testimony of the young woman. This last has even revealed himself to be inspired of The Walking Dead to defend themselves, and then carries the fatal blow to his attacker. Bravo

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